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    The rose, hand picked in the field early morning, remains the emblem of natural products, steeped in history and a tradition of excellence that we perpetuate in our proposals to our customers.

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    In the multifaceted universe of the creation of perfumes, bases for cosmetics ranges and toiletries, personal well-being ... We are constantly working on a wide variation in harmony with the trends that our customers are looking for.

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    A perfect knowledge of products, their use and their interactivity, coupled with continuous research work opens to an outstanding creativity to find the personalized solutions to meet our customers expectations.

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    Extracts from plants from which we use leaves, flowers, stems, rhizomes ... to collect essential oils, concrete, absolute ... so many natural products from an ancestral tradition that we offer to our customers.

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    The scents of our fragrances leave their footprint on our daily lives, light as the flickering flame of a candle. Our wide range, specifically developed for home fragrances, is constantly expanding, serving our customers.

Bonjour and welcome to the MORAFLOR website !

MORAFLOR is a company operating worldwide in many countries and based in the heart of the Grasse region well known as the capital of perfume. It offers a wide range with a focus on the following specialties :

  • Fragrances
  • Flavors
  • Raw Materials

As a result, it produces and markets multiple concentrated bases used within the perfume industry (perfumes, toilet waters, soaps, detergents, etc.), flavors for the food industry (drinks, confectionery, pastries, etc.) as well as raw materials (essential oils being MORAFLOR specialties) for various usage.

Founded in 1984 and handed over from father to son, MORAFLOR has remained a family company on a human scale throughout its development. Its watchword is the QUALITY and the strictness of its production processes led to the ISO 9001 certification which is held proudly since 2003. As a result, it brings particular vigilance to knowledge and the implementation of new European and international regulations, thanks to its IT system  being automatically and regularly updated via the company LSI, being the software creator.

This site will give you detailed information about the company, its products, its business details. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

We wish you a pleasant visit