Please read this note before checking the main product list :

Our prices are different depending on the quality, the quantity, the packing and the freight that you are looking for. That's why no prices are stipulated on this page. With Moraflor each offer is treated personally. So send us your enquiry by E-Mail and we will answer you within a short time.

Flavour usages :

Our flavours can be used in :

  • dairy products : yogouts, ice creams, custards ...
  • beverages : syrups, sodas, drinks, ...
  • spirits : liquors ...
  • alcohol bases drinks : cocktails ...
  • pastry and biscuit industry
  • savouries for sauces and ready-cooked dishes
  • canned food industry, compotes
  • confectionery industry

A few applications for our products :

Information request :

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