The ISO 9001 certification :

The ISO 9001 version 2015 that Moraflor holds since 2003, is a certificate on our system functioning. It meets quality requirements, regardless of our services (purchases, production, development, sales and management).


ISO 9001 Certification version 2015 means to comply with the following :

  • The ability to supply on a regular basis a product which is in line with the customer and regulations requirements.
  • Implement an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction which can also be measured to monitor its continuous effectiveness (e.g. PDCP or Deming wheel).

ISO 9001 is particularly interested with the following 4 points :

  • Management roles and responsibilities
  • Human resources organisation
  • Product implementation
  • Analysis and improvement measurement tools

It is based on 8 management principles :

  • Customer-oriented
  • Leadership
  • Personnel implications
  • Process-oriented
  • Management system-oriented
  • Continuously increase improvement
  • Fact-oriented decision making
  • Interactive business relationships with suppliers